Sustainability: Life Cycle Services

EarthMinded® Life Cycle Services is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

EarthMinded LCS is committed to operating responsibly, protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of the people who work with us. Our stewardship is based on a whole-system approach that begins with product and process development, continues with the reconditioning or remanufacturing of industrial packaging and their reintroduction into the supply chain, and ends with the recycling of materials past their useful life. By relying on us, our customers are secure in the knowledge that we help reduce the waste they generate, divert reusable waste from landfills, conserve water, responsibly manage recyclable materials and reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

We are building on our history of employing transformative technologies to redefine what constitutes environmentally responsible reconditioning, remanufacturing and recycling practices. Through research and innovation, we are developing the next generation of reconditioning practices.

For customers, EarthMinded LCS can generate verifiable reporting of all their activity with us – from one to multiple locations across continents – at the click of a button. This proprietary reporting technology, Ecotrack, is available to any of our customers interested in environmental impact and sustainability reporting from one or more facilities.

Why It Matters

  • There is a significant difference in the overall environmental impact between using a new industrial drum and one that has been reconditioned for reuse.
  • Tightening legislation and regulations are making it increasingly difficult to manage used and emptied industrial packaging without incurring liability. With EarthMinded LCS, customers can remain in compliance with their empty industrial packaging and not incur expensive fines.
  • Company environmental practices are under scrutiny. With EarthMinded LCS, customers can operate profitably with public approval of how they manage recyclable industrial packaging.
  • In many situations, reconditioned industrial packaging can cost less and be just as suitable as a new package. With EarthMinded LCS, customers can save money by moving to reconditioned industrial packaging.


Reuse Recondition Recycle: Responsibly.

Let's Make a Difference!


Become a Member

Do you generate multiple shipments of empty packaging throughout the year? If so, become an EarthMinded member and take advantage of these benefits.

  • Proprietary reporting technology
  • Tracking and support to help meet sustainability objectives and manage risk
  • Visibility on the end use of your industrial packaging processed by EarthMinded™
  • Create and download sustainability reports