Ecotrack: Services

Through our proprietary web-based technology Ecotrack, EarthMinded® Life Cycle Services provides our customers with reports detailing the environmental impact of the industrial packaging they send to us.

For customers, EarthMinded LCS can generate verifiable reporting of all their collection activity – from one to multiple locations across continents – at the click of a button. Ecotrack is available to any of our customers interested in environmental impact and sustainability reporting. 

Ecotrack can help our customers:

  • Meet sustainability objectives and manage risk from one to multiple locations across continents through tracking and support
  • Generate visibility on the end-use of their industrial packaging that EarthMinded has collected
  • Create and download customizable sustainability reports that include carbon impact and other environmental indicators, such as weight of reused or recycled materials
  • Provide transparency that enables them to assess the environmental performance of their packaging choices
  • Schedule pick-ups through the system

Please contact us for more information regarding the benefits of Ecotrack and how EarthMinded LCS helps our customers achieve a higher level of environmental and sustainability performance.


Become a Member

Do you generate multiple shipments of empty packaging throughout the year? If so, become an EarthMinded member and take advantage of these benefits.

  • Proprietary reporting technology
  • Tracking and support to help meet sustainability objectives and manage risk
  • Visibility on the end use of your industrial packaging processed by EarthMinded™
  • Create and download sustainability reports