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EarthMinded® Life Cycle Services offers global collection services, proprietary life cycle management and sustainability reporting tools and risk reduction as well as the regulatory and legislative knowledge critical to the handling and collection of empty, used packaging.

EcollectIn our standard collection program, Ecollect, we collect intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), steel drums and plastic drums. On special request and based on the type of materials collected and customer location, EarthMinded can also collect other materials and packaging not suitable for reconditioning or reuse. Our standard collection terms can be found here.

Ecollect +Our Ecollect+ program develops personalized solutions based on specific customer needs. These services may include logistics solutions, collection programs for our customers’ clients or decontamination services. Through Ecollect+, we will tailor an EarthMinded program for our customer's business.

EarthMinded® Life Cycle Services also offers customers the unique option to reuse their own containers.  With this service, customers are able to recondition and reuse their own packaging. Packaging can be collected at various locations based on individual business needs and is carefully tracked and separated through the entire collection and recondition process to extend its life cycle.


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EarthMinded® can assist with the collection of your used IBCs, steel and plastic drums and other recyclable packaging materials.

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Collection Terms

EarthMinded® Life Cycle Services (LCS) is dedicated to providing customers with a convenient and hassle-free collection program.

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