PRODUCTS: Life Cycle Services

Reconditioned / Remanufactured Industrial Drums and IBCs

EarthMinded Life Cycle Services delivers a wide range of reconditioned and remanufactured industrial drums, IBCs and related services throughout Europe and North America. Through an integrated network, the business provides the most reliable, cost-effective one-stop service possible to member customers who have one site or several in multiple countries.

What's the difference between reconditioned and remanufactured industrial drums? Reconditioned industrial drums have had no significant change to their status as a UN-certified container. Remanufactured industrial drums have been modified or changed so that the reconditioning process can be fulfilled and the packaging returned to UN service. These packages bear our manufacturer’s number, and are serviceable for dangerous goods to their certification level. We recycle the materials in industrial packaging past its useful life.


New Industrial Packaging

We also provide new industrial packaging to meet your specific needs.